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Welsh slate
Welsh Slate

Welsh roof slates are arguably the finest quality natural roofing slate products known to man.

Burlington slate

Burlington and Westmorland green slate is of undoubted quality and beauty, quarried in the English Lake District.

vermont slate

Vermont, North America produce slates of superior quality in a range of distinguished colours.

Brazlilian slate
Brazilian Slate

An economical flat/smooth Brazilian slate.

Lousaval slate

Lousaval is a dark blue and grey slate with a very consistent thickness.

sumo slate

Renowned for its even thickness and ease of cutting, this slate is favoured by contractors.

La Rovca Spanish slate
La Roca

Produced at Villar Del Rey. La Roca is a ‘T2’ flat and economical slate.

villar del rey slate
Villar Del Rey

Villar Del Rey, one of the most premium slates produced in Spain.

slate tile
Ferlosa Spanish Slate

A Spanish slate quarried in Northern Spain.

Exceptional Performance

Natural roofing slates are one of the most durable roofing material you will find on the market today. From our Welsh roof slates for sale to Spanish and Brazilian slate products, their reliability makes them the ideal solution for all architectural purposes.

Yates Slate suppliers are your most reliable UK slate supplier and stockists, bringing you the finest natural roof slates for sale from all corners of the globe. Our range of natural roof slates will therefore enable you to create the design needed, promising to blend in with your local environment and budget.

The best part about natural roof slates is that they often outlive the building they are protecting and require little to no maintenance. With our high-grade roofing slates, expect to have a material that will last for 100-200 years. Historically, timber and fixings deteriorate way before slates do.


With the world now more conscious than ever about the materials used on buildings, you can be sure that our natural roof slates are more environmentally friendly than man made alternatives. If you are looking to lower your carbon footprint, natural slates have some of the lowest emissions of all roofing products.

These materials are recyclable centuries after use and do not require any chemical products. What’s more, our roofing slates will increase your property value, since they come to you with a touch of beauty and elegance.

The beautiful Penrhyn Welsh slate, for example, was removed from St Asaph Cathedral after 400 years in use and then reused elsewhere. This practice also applies to civic buildings extending as far away as Australia!

Yates Slate are your ultimate slate suppliers

Yates Slate suppliers are stockists who specialise in the distribution of quality natural roofing slates in the UK. The materials offered suit different uses and can fit any budget. This makes them the best solution for you. Established in 1988 and backed by a huge customer base, you can be sure of reliability and quality from Yates Slate suppliers.
For more information about our slate supplies, feel free to leave us a message at or call us on 01200 427711 and one of our friendly specialists will get back to you. All our slate specialists are thoroughly trained and will be happy to assist you. Browse through our website to explore our range of natural roof slates.

Roofing Slates UK

Yates Slates are the country’s pre-eminent agent, stockists and distributor of both Welsh and Cumbrian roofing slates, and one of the largest importers of roofing slates into the UK. Established in 1988, our roots go back to 1929, since which time the Yates family name has become synonymous with natural roofing slates. 99% of our business is dedicated to natural roofing slates, however we do offer accessories including; nails, ridges, slate vents etc.

Founder and director of the company, Chris Yates, is supported by a strong team of slate experts who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and new ideas to both their clients and customers daily.

For any enquiries regarding our wide range of roof slates for sale and slate services, please contact our team at Yates Slate on 01200 427711 or email

Slate Delivery

Nationwide slate delivery with mechanical off load.

Holing & Coursing

We offer holing and coursing for random and diminishing roofs.

Take Off

Free quantity slate take offs from scaled drawings.


Offering a dressing service to create patterns and unique roofs.


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