Brazilian Slate

If you are looking at adding the beauty of a green or graphite grey slate to your roof, the Brazilian slate is a very cost-effective way of doing so with little maintenance required. This natural stone is quarried from the Minas Gerais area of Brazil. The graphite grey green colour in particular has become very popular, especially in the south west due to its similarity in appearance with Delabole slate. With a high demand for this natural graphite grey & green roofing slate ranges, it’s no wonder why.

Brazilian natural roofing slate is available in graphite and features slight shade variations and smooth surface which result in a stunning, traditional finish.

Why Choose Brazilian Roof Slate?

Below are reasons that make the slate a good choice:

  1. Aesthetics – The slates have an attractive look. While it is smoother than most, it does have a slight texture. The slates have heavily dressed edges and no visible pirate, these characteristics make for an aesthetically pleasing roof.
  2. Value – Brazilian slate can be a very cost effective way of having a slate roof, especially in the Grey Green colour. The slate undercuts most other slates on the market. It is inherently more brittle than a lot of other slates. However, when installed with care, this issue can be mitigated. We recommend that you should never walk on a slated roof but if this is something that cannot be avoided then we would highly recommend choosing an alternative option.
  3. Colour – Unlike other slates that have a single colour, this graphite green slate is available in two distinct colours; graphite grey and grey-green. Depending on your inclination, they both make a roof stand out.

Uses of Natural Brazilian Slate

We stock two main sizes in both colours of our Brazilian slate of graphite grey and green slate which are 600x300mm and 500x250mm. These are both in the 7-9mm thickness. We can supply other sizes and the 5-7mm thickness. However we do recommend the 7-9mm slate as it has more durability.

Brazlilian slate

Grey & Green Natural Brazilian Roof Slate

The jury’s out on this one as to the true classification of Brazilian slate. However, there is a demand for this natural roofing slate. It is available in two distinct colours, graphite grey and greyed green slate. We recommend that only the thicker 7/9mm thickness is considered due to its inherit brittleness. When laid with care, a very uniform appearance can be achieved. This natural graphite slate product is very competitively priced, especially in the greyed green colour.

The graphite grey slate is a certified roofing slate, it is also available in the green colour. There is a high demand for this natural slate due to its graphite grey and green colours. It will give an excellent finish if laid properly. This first quality high-grade natural slate is a tough and durable material that will outlast the life of any building it’s installed on when laid correctly due to its lack of unstable minerals such as graphite or carbon which can weaken the structure over time.

This graphite slate will provide an excellent finish on the roofing for any property and is extremely popular in Brazil and South America due to its graphite grey colour. There is a high demand for this graphite slate which can be supplied in different thicknesses and sizes. Please call 01200 427711 with any enquiries or email

Brazilian natural slate is a highly durable material that provides an attractive, traditional finish. It’s created from sedimentary stone and has been tested to ensure it meets BS EN 12326-1 for roofing use – this means you can trust in its quality.

The graphite grey slate, which comes in a variety of colours and sizes, is extremely popular due to its affordability and consistency. The colour variation looks great on both light and dark roofs. Graphite grey slate also comes in green. Natural slates will vary in colours from what is shown on the picture, please call for more information.

Slate sizes Available:
600 x 300mm
500 x 250mm