Holing and Coursing

At Yates Slates we offer a bespoke solution for holing all the slates in our range. At our facility in Clitheroe we have various holing machines that can cater to any size of slate. This allows us to hole the slates to your exact requirements to meet any eligible pitch of roof and minimise the amount needed for your project.

For complicated and time-consuming random and diminishing course roofs. We can provide a batten plan and slates are supplied direct to site pre-holed. All we require is an accurate architectural drawing of the roof.

We also sell single holing machines so that experienced roofers can hole slates on site.

Holing and Coursing Slate

By holing the slates in a controlled environment at our premises, we know where every holed slate is and can dispatch them directly for delivery to your site. We also ensure that the holing pattern remains consistent from one delivery of holed slates to another.

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