Beautiful and Durable Welsh Slate from Yates & Company Ltd

Yates and Company Ltd are the premier stockists of both types- Penrhyn Heater Blue, as well Cwt-y Bugail Blu Grey. We offer excellent customer service that will ensure your needs for Welsh Slate are met with unparalleled quality in hole shaping or distribution services depending on what you prefer!

Welsh Slate Ltd produce two types of roofing slate from quarries at Bethesda and Ffestiniog in North Wales. Slates from these two areas are supplied in three grades of thickness, Capital Grade (5.5mm ), County Grade (7.0mm), and Celtic Grade (9.0 mm).

Welsh slate is of the highest quality and arguably the finest roofing slate in the world.

This 21st century industry is a far cry from the labour intensive production methods of previous years. The modern production facilities of both Bethesda and Ffestiniog employ highly skilled craftsmen, operating the most modern equipment and building materials available to the industry.

These facilities produce a healthy supply of both the Penrhyn and Cwt-y-Bugail slate, whose reputation has been amassed during the many centuries of their existence.

Yates & Co are proud of their long association with Welsh Slate Ltd and we are regarded as the country’s pre-empt agent, stockist and distributor of these world renowned Welsh roofing slate products.

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Welsh slate roof
Grades of thickness:
Capital – 5.5mm Nominal – Generally smooth textured.
County – 7.0mm Nominal – Slightly pronounced texture.
Celtic- 9.0mm Nominal – Moderate pronounced texture.

Core Production Sizes:


Penrhyn slate is quarried at Bethesda, Wales. They are heather blue in colour with subtle shading variations which distinguish a natural slate roof from artificial tiles. These non-fading slate products come in different core production sizes which are;


Cwt-y-Bugail slates are quarried at Ffestiniog in North Wales and are dark Blue/Grey slate tiles. They come in different core production sizes which are;


Benefits of natural Welsh slates


The durability of the Welsh slate is unmatched by any other roof covering. It’s been quarried from the Bethesda region for over 700 years and due to its natural minerals, it has a very high resistance against corrosion which makes installation easier as well as maintenance work on your home’s roofs!


Welsh slates will withstand extremes in temperature without changing colour or becoming brittle for many years. These are some of the most heat resistant roofing materials available.

Low Maintenance

Welsh slate is easy to maintain and resists moss growth because they are a natural mineral product. They also have an extremely low porosity so it will not retain any water which means there’s little risk of mould or algae accumulating on them, even if left in place for many years.

Conspicuous and attractive

Both the Heather Blue and Blue/Grey colours are gorgeous and appealing to look at. These are some of the most beautiful roofing slates in the world. Most home and business owners opt to use these slate products because of this fascinating quality.


When fitted in accordance with BS: 5534 Welsh slate will often outlast the building they cover.

Welsh slate