Slate: The ultimate roofing material.

Slate has been used as a roof covering for centuries. Welsh slate has been mined and quarried from the Bangor and Ffestiniog regions of north Wales since records began. Other major roofing slate producing areas of the U.K are Cumbria and Cornwall. Roofing slates are produced from many other regions of the world, notably Spain, China, North America and Brazil. Hundreds of Millions of years of intense compression causing the metamorphosis of sedimentary minerals into a solid rock formation with a cleavage which can be split into thin sheets and dressed into uniform pieces, known as roofing slate.

Impervious to most chemicals, fireproof and with an extremely low water absorption rate, Slate is one of the most durable roofing products available.

slate tile

Yates & Co Ltd are a natural roofing specialists and distributors of natural roofing slate for sale. Based in Lancashire, North West, UK we were established in the late 1980s and have decades of experience in the slate industry and are one of the leading specialists and distributors in the market.

Benefits of choosing Yate Slate

There are several reasons why you need to choose Yates for your slates. Below are a few benefits of choosing roofing slates from the company;


Our company takes pride over the fact that we supply excellent quality natural slate roofing products from world renowned quarries. The products are guaranteed to last for a long time when installed correctly. To many slate is just a commodity to buy and sell, to us it’s a passion.


We provide a wide range of slate roofing that can be applied to numerous slate roofing styles. From uniform one size to complex random and diminishing coursed, our natural roofing slate feature a wide range of colours and textures.

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