Slate Vents

Klobber Uni-Line slate vent

We stock Klobber Uni-Line slate vent. This is a cost-effective vent that is installed and then slated around.

Dimensions are 600mm long x 380mm wide x 141mm deep (including adaptor/downpipe)

slate vents
slate vent

Slate Line Natural Vent

The Slate Line Natural Vent is a bespoke product, whereby a piece of the same slate installed on the roof is chemically bonded to the vent. This gives the vent a far more subtle appearance. This vent is the choice for people looking for a cleaner and, in our opinion, superior overall look to their roofs.

The vent has a minimum width of 300mm and comes in lengths of 600mm, 500mm and 400mm.

Lead Roof Vents

We offer lead roof vents which are made from 100% code 4 sheet lead, providing a practical and aesthetic method of terminating air flow in or out of a building whilst also giving you the longevity associated with sheet lead. These lead roof vents are designed to vent roof space or for the connection of flexible duct from bathroom, kitchen fans etc.

slate vents